Discover the efficiency of DTG printing, where digital images effortlessly transfer onto fabric using specialized inkjet printers. Benefits include no setup costs, ideal for small orders, precise detailing, and cost-effective full-color printing. Mustang Trading LLC, a premier gift supplier in Dubai, invests in a GTX DTG printer for intricate textile designs, ensuring photo-realistic results.

Ideal for one-offs or small quantities, DTG excels in highly detailed prints with gradients or various colors. This user-friendly process, akin to home inkjet printing, requires minimal setup and renders millions of colors accurately. DTG inks, binding directly to garment fibers, make 100% cotton preferable over polyester for optimal results.

CMYK color reproduction guides the translation of digital images into DTG ink, simulating the entire color spectrum. While screen-printing involves setup costs, DTG stands out for cost-effectiveness in smaller orders. While screen-printing may be cheaper post-setup, DTG surpasses it in accuracy and color range.


Comparing DTG to heat transfer printing, DTG’s direct binding to fabric fibers ensures superior quality without the need for additional heat, unlike heat transfers. In contrast to dye sublimation, DTG and dye sublimation both digitize images but differ in the process. DTG’s liquid inks directly bind to fibers, while dye sublimation uses heat to transform ink from solid to gas, suitable for polyester with proper pretreatment.

Explore the convenience of DTG printing offered by Mustang Advertising Trading LLC, the leading gift supplier in Dubai, serving the UAE and GCC countries. Experience top-notch textile printing with no minimum order requirements. Order your T-shirt printing today for a seamless and vibrant result.

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