In 2018, Mustang Advertising Trading LLC proudly participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness day campaign, contributing to the vital cause. Our dedicated efforts were directed towards supporting the exceptional work of PINK CARAVAN in the UAE. As we reflect on the impact we made, we are excited about the prospect of even greater contributions in the upcoming 2019 Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

In the previous year, Mustang Advertising Trading LLC actively participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness day campaign. Through our sales during this period, we successfully raised funds to support the crucial initiatives undertaken by PINK CARAVAN. These initiatives are aimed at creating awareness, offering support to affected individuals, and advancing breast cancer research.

PINK CARAVAN’s commendable efforts in the UAE have made a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer. Their commitment to early detection, education, and support for patients aligns perfectly with our mission at Mustang Advertising. We are honored to contribute to their cause and be part of a community dedicated to making a positive change.

Building on the success of our 2018 campaign, Mustang Advertising Trading LLC is eagerly anticipating an even more substantial contribution in the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness campaign of 2019. Our commitment to making a difference remains steadfast, and we are prepared to channel our resources towards creating a meaningful impact.

As we embark on another Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, Mustang Advertising Trading LLC remains resolute in our dedication to supporting PINK CARAVAN and the broader fight against breast cancer. We invite our community to join us in this meaningful endeavor, as together, we strive for a future where breast cancer is a thing of the past. Stay tuned on our 2019 campaign and more years of positive impact we aim to achieve.

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